Into The Lap Of Himalaya In Search Of Peace

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Dealing with day to day Life at times is frustrating and invites boredom. I was in the search of peace for a while. And what best place it could be to search for it. Finally one fine day, on weekend I planned a trip Into The Lap Of Himalaya In Search Of Peace.

Laxman Jhula Rishikesh

So my destination was Rishikesh – Uttrakhand. From Delhi, Rishikesh is the easiest and best weekend gateway. I prefer driving, as roads are good and long drives give you relaxation and reduce the frustration of daily life.

The best part about being a part of Adventuria is we do not need to hunt for places to stay. We have our own resorts, tent house, camps and Hotels.

I reached at Night, as I prefer to drive at night and to reach early morning. After reaching Rishikesh, the first thing I did was to take a walk near the River. The ambience was so amazing. I mean on a front tall mountain covered with Forest, back side again one mountain covered with Forests. A wild white river is flowing in between, the sound of water, birds were making it more amazing.

After the walk, since I needed peace, I started my journey to Neelkanth- Temple, which is on top of the mountain.

Neelkanth is a place on top of Rishikesh, where there is a famous Shiv temple. It was too much crowded, hence my Peace quest was not over.

From there, I move to do Bungee Jumping, which is being organised by a company named Jumpin Heights. I didn’t do it, as it was scary as hell. But I spent a good amount of time watching them.

I returned to my Camp, still confused how I can achieve my Peace. The next day early morning, I left to see Waterfall. To see it, you need to trek a mountain. Approx 2 Km trek, but it extends if you wish to do it more. Further, you could see small villages and magical views.


From Morning till evening I trek those mountains, just wished to reach the top. Crossed two villages, finally came at a place, where there was the dead end. Beyond there was no way, the only way was to return back, from where I have started.

Honestly, I couldn’t see anything down, as there were clouds all over. There was no one all around. Even all wild animals seemed to be occupied somewhere. I sat there on a stone and spent few hours sitting on it and thinking about my Life, Goals, Future plans etc. It was good, I was getting ideas like that, things seem so simple. Without any concrete reason, I was feeling very much happy.

And Yes, I FOUND MY PEACE there. It was getting dark, so I returned as quickly as I can. That moment while getting down quickly, I realised why Humans are compared with monkeys.

The Same night I returned back to Delhi, as I got what I was looking for.  My journey Into The Lap Of Himalaya In Search Of Peace seems completed. Felt happy and motivated and with good memories returned back to struggle with my daily life. The motivation, that I get on top, still remains in my heart.


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